Let me show you how I feel about dumplings.

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Usually, I’m not a big chip eater. I like salty, crisp discs much as the next gal, but generally I’m more interested in them as vehicles for a delicious dip. I’m not particularly loyal to any brand, until now.

What I do love, people, is popcorn, and Popcorn Indiana has found a way to press popcorn into chips. I give you Chip’ins.

Divine intervention? Perhaps.

What I also love about these chips is the sodium count isn’t terribly high, a calorie ratio of 1 part calories to two parts sodium- incase you are wondering why I care, most nutritionists recommend a 1 to 1 ratio calories to sodium. Have a look next time you are in the supermarket and let me know how many products you find with that ratio (it isn’t a lot, let me break it to you).

I can only recommend the Sea Salt flavor as I haven’t tried the others. Go forth and munch, people. Go forth and munch.


I don’t fly too often these days. Thank god. Is the any other place where bad behavior is acceptable; shoving in line, smashing people’s personal belongings with a way-too-big-for-overhead-bag? Do we really think since we’ve shelled out a few hundred clams we’re entitled to the royal treatment and act like a royal pain if we don’t get our way?

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Let’s have a little conversation about comfort desserts. Apple pie? Sure. Banana cream pie? Ok. How about chocolate pudding.

Oh baby.

I know I’m not the only one to grow up with boxes of instant Jell-o pudding taunting me from a shelf high up in the pantry. Did anything taste better after a dinner you didn’t really like, but ate so you could have some dessert?

Dairy free versions are nothing new- silken tofu anyone? I’m not going to go there. Promise.

Oh my, so many sentences ending with question marks. Sorry.

This dairy free version is rich in fiber, vitamin E, B12 and potassium. Oh, and it tastes DELICIOUS. I swear it. Avocado, honey, cocoa powder and vanilla are vita-mixed into a tizzy and that is it! No creating a custard, bringing to a boil, nada.

I won’t lie to you. I’ve found that about 1/2 cup serving is the most you can get away with before you start to detect avocado. Garnish with chopped pistachios, cocoa nibs and good quality artisan salt, or, fresh berries and dark chocolate shavings. Don’t tell your guests either, it is super fun to have them guess the secret ingredient!

Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding
Adapted from Whole Living
Makes 6 4oz servings

3 avocados, peeled, pitted and cut into chunks
5 TBSP good quality cocoa powder- I like Dagoba (side note- here is a great article from the New Yorker featuring Dagoba)
1/4 cup good quality honey (substitute agave nectar for a vegan version)
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup shelled raw pistachios, chopped
1 TBSP cocoa nibs
High Quality sea salt like Murray River pink salt or Cyprus Flake Salt

In a blender, puree the avocado, cocoa powder, honey and vanilla until smooth. If serving that day, portion out into serving dishes, cover with plastic wrap and chill until ready to eat.

When ready to dig in- you can’t wait, can you? Garnish each serving with some chopped pistachios, a pinch of cocoa nibs and salt.