Usually, I’m not a big chip eater. I like salty, crisp discs much as the next gal, but generally I’m more interested in them as vehicles for a delicious dip. I’m not particularly loyal to any brand, until now.

What I do love, people, is popcorn, and Popcorn Indiana has found a way to press popcorn into chips. I give you Chip’ins.

Divine intervention? Perhaps.

What I also love about these chips is the sodium count isn’t terribly high, a calorie ratio of 1 part calories to two parts sodium- incase you are wondering why I care, most nutritionists recommend a 1 to 1 ratio calories to sodium. Have a look next time you are in the supermarket and let me know how many products you find with that ratio (it isn’t a lot, let me break it to you).

I can only recommend the Sea Salt flavor as I haven’t tried the others. Go forth and munch, people. Go forth and munch.


The cookies at Kim Boyce’s Bake Shop are not for wusses. No soft bake, barely cooked centers here. These cookies, roughly the size of a tea cup saucer, are baked to krispy (intentionally spelled with a k so you fully get how krispy the crumb is) perfection, with each bite yielding a browned sandy crumb.


Ella and I went to check out Kim’s new bakery, Bake Shop New Years Eve, and learned our lesson the hard way, get there early for the best selection. Only open from 7am-2pm, we were lucky to get the last sweet and salty cookie when we rolled in at noon.


Just a buck apiece. Heaven.

When is the last time you had a peppermint patty? I’m talking a soft cool minty center coated in dark chocolate. Have you ever been so lucky to sink your teeth into a homemade one?

When I was a kid I loved sneaking pieces of homemade candy my family received at the holidays. My teeth ache a little thinking of all that corn syrup and confectioners sugar goodness nestled in paper towel lined holiday tins, but man, I couldn’t get enough.

Now, I’m savoring over these gems from Seely Family Farms made with mint the family has been farming for three generations in Clatskanie, Oregon. No artificial colors or flavors, just pure holiday candy magic.

– here is where I mention that I bought this from my work, Whole Foods Market, and that the views expressed here are mine and mine alone, (but I think all my coworkers agree).

I am seriously infatuated with these Blond Macaroons from Hail Merry right now. These sweet bite sized treats are made of raw coconut and almonds flour, sweetened with maple syrup and vanilla. Four to a pack, for a dollar something, they are gluten-free, raw, and vegan. You wouldn’t expect them to be so moist, almost fatty- likely from the coconut oil, but they are decadent enough that you only need to eat one, ok, two, and you are sated.

I was very, very excited to hear that Heidi Swanson was coming to Portland for her Supernatural Everyday book tour. Heidi is a huge source of inspiration for many of us food bloggers. She sticks to what she knows and encourages her readers to think outside conventional grocery aisles. Importantly, she transforms health food into dream food. No broccoli tofu casseroles, though I’m sure her’s would taste delicious. No loose-weight-drinking-these-$400-pressed-vegetable-juice-detox-diet endorsements. All you’ll find is beautiful honest food. Her styling and photography allows wheat berries to entice, and the curve of a vegetable to seduce.

Enough gushing.

I love her if you can’t tell. I won’t even get into how crowded her book signing was and how I couldn’t get her to sign my book because there were too many people in line and I was already running late for dinner. Probably for the better as I am terribly awkward in these situations. Recently, I was introduced to a local celeb blogger and I shouted, SHOUTED at him, “I FOLLOW YOU ON TWITTER”. He recoiled in polite disgust.

That’s the way I do it, kids.

The first recipe from Supernatural Everyday on my list was the white beans and cabbage. It is the cover recipe and like all good cover models, drool worthy. Those golden browned bits edging the beans and potatoes and the angle dust of grated Parmesan? Yes please.

I’m delighted to report that with the help of canned beans this recipe is f-a-s-t. Perfect for week night dinners, and leftovers make for a great wrap filling. I didn’t hardly tweak Heidi’s recipe with the exception of a squeeze of lemon juice to brighten the dish up, oh, and a little sausage for my cave man.

Here’s a link to the recipe, and a link to recipes from the book, and here’s a link to Heidi’s book on Amazon because you will want to buy this book.


If we can thank the crummy economy for anything, we can thank it for better happy hour menus. 23 Hoyt isn’t a restaurant I’d normally set my with-child sights on. Entrees run pricier than Beanie’s organic baby formula, and it doesn’t appear to be the place for a 6month old who, practice makes perfect, can’t wait to ace that pterodactyl voiceover auidition. Enter the variables: Parents in town visiting (babysitters) a 4PM happy hour (early bird special). Sum: A tasty afternoon with the man at a price that won’t bankrupt the babe’s anemic college fund (Hey! it has only been 6 month, ok?)

Meet Hoyt’s House-made Fettuccini with Smoked Butternut. $5. Yes, you read correctly. FIVE BONES for toothsome pasta washed in a velvety, smoky butternut puree. I do not recommend sharing this dish. You’ll want your own, I promise.

Hoyt 23 Happy Hour is Sunday through Thursday from 4PM-6PM. Friday and Saturday 4PM-6:30PM and 9PM-Close