Drop Everything, Eat This

Well, first, I guess I should ask if you like coconut. Coconut is so polarizing. Why is that? And if you don’t like it, why? Why so much hate?

I’ve posted before about my love of Hail Merry Raw & Vegan (AND DELICIOUS) macaroons. We sell a second product, Merry’s Miracle Meyer Lemon Tarts. Their siren song had never lured me in, not even at my weakest need for a sugar fix. I’m not a lemon bar or even lemon dessert person.

But you know what lure me in? Our yellow sales tags. I’m a sucker for most things on sale. This has its pros and cons. Clearly.

So, logically, as they are on sale this month I bought one (now 5).


they don’t suck.

The crust is almond meal, coconut oil, and coconut flakes. And the center, the creamy tart center. I almost don’t even want to know how it is done, because I don’t want to ruin the magic.

Their suggestive serving is 3, mine is one.


*Hey since I’m referencing my work, Whole Foods Market, let me remind you that these views are mine, not necessarily those of the company.


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