Guess What Doesn’t Belong in the Microwave Bento


I’ve learned something about heating up bentos at work, in the microwave, in the staff lounge that smells of old shoes.

Don’t. Microwave. Avocado.

Just don’t. It doesn’t taste good at all.

Do make these Vegan Enchiladas from Food and Wine. They are phenomenal. I need to work out a way to reduce the oil in them, but man on man. What else can make even the coldest and wettest of March days seem warm and fuzzy but a colorful saute of veggies snuggled in corn tortillas topped with cashew cream? No. No there is not.



1 comment
  1. Kris said:

    Cashew cream slays me. Pair it with roasted sweet potatoes. It’s a religious experience.

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