Your Favorite Bean Recipe?

Well, I went and did this

Clockwise from the top left: Tongues of Fire, Lupini, Appaloosa, and Scarlet Runner Beans.


These heirloom beans are new to our bulk section at work, and before I could think better of my already full pantry, I my silver metal scoop was deep into the bin of beans. Committed.

I’ll be pouring over my cookbooks looking for bean recipes, but please, let me know your favorites.

  1. Jim said:

    The beans you have are too colorful to hidden in my favorite: a three bean chili and a three bean bake.
    How about a bean salad?

  2. Stephanie said:

    Mmm…beans are indeed my favorite food. Mark Bittman’s bean and grain salads perhaps? This week I’ve been scarfing black eyed peas cooked with a touch of ham and left brothy, then mixed with brown rice and frozen spinach for a one bowl lunch. Maybe a big batch of ribollita? We liked Appaloosas in Heuvos Rancheros. But I’ve never tried Lupini. Do they cook up like dried limas?

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