Just Eat This: Cookies from Kim Boyce’s Bake Shop

The cookies at Kim Boyce’s Bake Shop are not for wusses. No soft bake, barely cooked centers here. These cookies, roughly the size of a tea cup saucer, are baked to krispy (intentionally spelled with a k so you fully get how krispy the crumb is) perfection, with each bite yielding a browned sandy crumb.


Ella and I went to check out Kim’s new bakery, Bake Shop New Years Eve, and learned our lesson the hard way, get there early for the best selection. Only open from 7am-2pm, we were lucky to get the last sweet and salty cookie when we rolled in at noon.


Just a buck apiece. Heaven.

1 comment
  1. Stephanie said:

    Oh my goodness gracious. Now we’re going tomorrow morning. Yum!!

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