Dear Dairy: Tee Pees and Muffins

Today I booked two family get aways. One for a three-day weekend in January at the coast, a yurt, specifically in the town of Manzanita. The second, for a longer summer holiday, 4 days in a Tee Pee at Lake Owyhee State Park. A Tee Pee. When I requested the time off work I made sure to note I was staying in a Tee Pee, just incase someone thought when I wrote, Summer holiday, under “reason for request”, they thought I might be lounging pool side or jaunting around a city destination. Where did this side of me come from? This side that really wants to stay in a Tee Pee.

Tonight I gave the man the options of oatmeal or muffins for tomorrow’s breakfast. I’ve discovered that you can cook oatmeal on the soupy side, portion it, then reheat it at work. The man responded that if I were giving him an option between the two he’d prefer muffins. Warning, I replied. These are healthy.



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