Bento! Chicken & Rice & Everything Nice

I hardly ever make rice for my bento. Nothing against rice, honestly, i love it, and when I bought my rice cooker I imagined popping open the top every morning and scooping our a heap of steamy brown rice for my lunch. I got there today, with my chicken and rice and everything nice bento. The box on the left features an SE Asian inspired Rotisserie Chicken Salad based off this recipe from Food and Wine, and the box on the right, simply white rice scattered with fried shallots.

This box took all of two minutes to put together. Proof that making your lunch in the morning isn’t terribly time consuming- that is only if you know where all the pieces of your bento box are living, and if one piece happens to be hidden in your child’s toy box, then, well, i guess it will take you a little longer.


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