PDX Peek: Our Week In Review

It is true, that while lovely, adorable, and cute as can be, Ella ia really a calculating mini germ pool, sneaking around the house just waiting to attack. Never in my adult live have I been so caught up in off again on again colds. Thanks Ella. First, The mister got it first, recovering just in time to have one of the greatest live  music weekends ever, while I postponed the inevitable to make it though some important deadlines at work, then spent my weekend curled up in a ball of sickness. Dislike.

Treating myself to a little morning liquid gold at Stumptown.

Installing new chalkboards! Remodel almost complete.

Sweet Potato Spinach Puffs for Ella, a new recipe which she loves.

This past weekend it was 85 degrees, but the leaves are still turning.

Ella takes her first bento to school. PBJ, steamed green beans and carrots, and diced avocado.

New hauls from Powell's. Lucky Peach, my first copy of Every Day Food, and a new Moleskin Journal.

Loving lunchtime.


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