Bento: Chicken and the Egg

Left Box: Black Beans, Hatch Chile and Feta Frittata, Tomato Jam. Bottom Box: Babylonian Chicken Salad.

Having chickens, I have a lot of eggs. My hens, at the ripe age of 2, are producing an egg a day, leaving us an abundance of eggs, we eat a lot of frittatas. Perfect for using up anything, seriously anything, in your fridge, frittatas are a quick dinner when paired with a sauce and a carb. But we’re talking bentos not dinner. I had trouble fitting the beans in the box and keeping them looking presentable. And, in retrospect, I think the chicken salad would have been more aesthetically pleasing deconstructed.

My bento obsession stared when I realized my leftovers could be turned into something a little more glamorous, most bento moms, make these pups fresh, each morning. I need to find a way to seamlessly blur that line.

Until then.

1 comment
  1. Delci said:

    I love the idea of bento! I hope I can be that cool mom that sends bento lunches to school for my son 🙂

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