Peruvian Potato Cake with Chicken, Fennel, and Avocado

when I first came across this recipe, I misunderstood cake for cakes. I figured I would be making cakes, lightly fried in olive oil, no. This is a cake. Glad I read the recipe first, all the way through. It is a little trick my culinary instructor taught me. Read the recipe first, so that there are no surprises. I’d be lying if I said i observed this rule every time I slipped into my apron. Lying big time.

This recipe came by the way of Food and Wine, a publication I am enjoying a renewed love affair with. I fell out of love with the glossy a couple years back, but I need that fantasy again.  I need to imagine sitting in a SoHo loft being served tapas by Jose Andres on minimalist italian leather modern furniture, with MGNT streaming in the background. Food and Wine allows for this. It also allows me to imagine that Diane Cowan is my fabulous Aunt who swoops in to talk all things delicious over coffee and macarons.

The recipes are still a few too many ingredients and  steps for my busy kitchen but they sure inspire me to take my recipes one step further, to season like a chef, to finish like a chef, to make the effort with plating and presentation. This recipe originally from Andina here in Portland and while Chef Emmanuel Piqueras has you poching chicken for the filling, I took the rotisserie chicken route. The whole dish came together quite easily and when presented, a dramatic show stopper. We enjoied it for dinner and lunch, but I think it would make a lovely shower dish or picnic dish.


Potato Cake with Chicken, Fennel, and Avocado

  1. marsha said:

    Looks de’lish, I think I’ll have to try it.

  2. marsha said:

    Looking for the recipe, no luck yet.

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