You Didn’t Ask, But- Yurt Camping

Back in May, the fam packed up the wagon and headed for the coast! Friends of our had been yurt camping in January and loved it. I was skeptical of their rave reviews.

I. Don’t. Camp.

Nothing personal against camping, but I grew up camping with my girl scout troop 249. We camped in January. We camped in March. It as not the camping of warm summer evenings and sunny skies. This was Washington State. We camped in the rain. It sucked.

I expected rain for our May trip, but man we got lucky! Warm- for here, and mostly sunny skies, I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed myself.

Many Oregon State Parks have yurts for rent, around $40 a night. They have beds, a couch, table, electricity, and HEAT. It was dreamy. Reservations fill up super quick and the more flexible your schedule the better chance you’ll have of getting a yurt during peak seasons- we stayed Saturday-Monday.


Bunk Beds!

Room to cruise

out for a stroll

The bridge in Newport, en route to the aquarium

tide pool at the aquarium


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