PDX Peep: This Last Week in Review

Are little sisters the best or what? Seriously. If I could have a crush on anyone right now, it would be Jamie. So cute with her 4 month along belly, so together with her new job, wise in her 29 years, and a skilled sailor to boot! How’s about that! I could not think a better person to spend the better part of my weekend with, even if just for a Saturday. How exciting that Ella is going to have a cousin!

Like all recent weeks, this one flew by. How funny it is to sit at your desk on a Monday and think how impossibly away Friday is only to have it be Sunday evening and wonder where your week went. I’ll slow down one of these days.

Cherries, waiting to be pickled.

Ella loves the Porque No? Guacamole.

Converted warehouse space in the Pearl on my lunchtime walk

Backyard gems.

Off camera Caroline commands Jess's and Ella's attention.

Grilled Pizza

The sales lady didn't have any trouble identifying us as sisters.

Ella and her Auntie

Eeek! Giant moth parked outside our front door.

Invasive prop during Kale's photo shoot.


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