You Didn’t Ask, But: Catalogue Shopping

I don’t really order so much from catalogues so much as rip out pages for inspiration boards. Home decor, fashion, home decor in clothing catalogues, doesn’t matter. If I like it, I rip it out.

Have I already told you that Anthropologie is a block from my work? One block. I thought it would be more trouble than it actually is, but every so often my credit card statement reminds me why I don’t need to be shopping there. While perusing the sale rack one particular lunch break I grabbed a lovely blue silky maxi dress at half off. Score! Beautiful fit, gorgeous fabric. I couldn’t believe my luck. Later that evening, I was online and, oh, what? The Antrhopologie website? Why hello! There was my dress and photo from the catalogue. I pulled the catalouge from my magazine pile and carefully examined the dress on the model. It had not spoke to me, as it was still intact.


This whole year I’ve been pushing myself to try on clothes that aren’t particularly my style, and here just another example of when it works.

Me, Cardigan Anthropologie last year, belt, some random store in Seoul, Dress, Anthropologie. On Ella, hand knit sweater (with buttons from PARIS!! FRANCE!!!) by Maris, Dress from Target.

  1. marsha said:

    Both of you are looking very lovely!

  2. VanC said:

    Hello fellow Portlander! I found you on EBEW. I love that Anthro dress. It’s a fantastic print. You look fabulous! Your daughter is a doll, too. If I had more hours in a day, I’d blog about my cooking adventures, but for now, I’m focusing on style and motherhood. Sometimes my two-year old makes an appearance. Glad, to see another PDX blogger! 🙂
    Van C. of The Clothes We Wear
    Wearing motherhood with style.

    • Hi! Yay for PDX, i’m excited to see some mommy style. I remember those first few months thinking how do I try to pull together an outfit that allows for breastfeeding?

  3. Kerry said:

    your hair is getting so long!!! love it; love the dress, love you guys!

    • i know it! too long. Now I actually have to blow dry it to look proper.

  4. Penelope said:

    Love that dress. the baby your carrying seems so happy too. 🙂

    Cathy@embroidery digitising

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