White Beans and Cabbage from Supernatural Everyday

I was very, very excited to hear that Heidi Swanson was coming to Portland for her Supernatural Everyday book tour. Heidi is a huge source of inspiration for many of us food bloggers. She sticks to what she knows and encourages her readers to think outside conventional grocery aisles. Importantly, she transforms health food into dream food. No broccoli tofu casseroles, though I’m sure her’s would taste delicious. No loose-weight-drinking-these-$400-pressed-vegetable-juice-detox-diet endorsements. All you’ll find is beautiful honest food. Her styling and photography allows wheat berries to entice, and the curve of a vegetable to seduce.

Enough gushing.

I love her if you can’t tell. I won’t even get into how crowded her book signing was and how I couldn’t get her to sign my book because there were too many people in line and I was already running late for dinner. Probably for the better as I am terribly awkward in these situations. Recently, I was introduced to a local celeb blogger and I shouted, SHOUTED at him, “I FOLLOW YOU ON TWITTER”. He recoiled in polite disgust.

That’s the way I do it, kids.

The first recipe from Supernatural Everyday on my list was the white beans and cabbage. It is the cover recipe and like all good cover models, drool worthy. Those golden browned bits edging the beans and potatoes and the angle dust of grated Parmesan? Yes please.

I’m delighted to report that with the help of canned beans this recipe is f-a-s-t. Perfect for week night dinners, and leftovers make for a great wrap filling. I didn’t hardly tweak Heidi’s recipe with the exception of a squeeze of lemon juice to brighten the dish up, oh, and a little sausage for my cave man.

Here’s a link to the recipe, and a link to recipes from the book, and here’s a link to Heidi’s book on Amazon because you will want to buy this book.



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