Meal planning

This is the GIANT pile of recipes I have ripped out from magazines. Sitting, waiting, for me to use them. this doesn’t include the tomb of Bon Appetite and Gourmet recipes I bookmarked on before recycling them.


They’ve been hanging around for a while.

I’ve decided to stop bringing home cooking magazines, no matter how tantalizing the cover, until I work this pile down a bit.

Last week I made stuffed artichokes from Clean Eating- no beuno
And a blood orange, celery, marcona almond and chicken salad from Food and Wine. Tres yummy.

This weeks draft picks include a Moroccan carrot salad from Bon Appetite and roasted pork tenderloin with apricot miso glaze from Bon Appetite.

At this rate I’ll be picking up the April issue of Cooks Illustrated in 2014.

How do you organize your collected recipes? Please let me know if you have system better than jagged edge papers stuffed inside a bloated magazine

  1. I know how you feel about recipes stacking up. My Google Reader has an extremely long list of starred posts to try.

  2. I stuff all my tears in drawers and I have a lot BUT I have big plans to get a binder and dividers and make a little book.

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