Free T-Shirt to Baby Head Gear

How many free t-shirts do you have floating around your house? Those really cool ones you maybe got from work, signing up for a credit card, or your child’s school. The ones you’ll totally wear? We have a drawer full. I should say, drawers full. The man yankes one from every show he books, and I, begrudgingly, take one from each new work promotion, knowing good and well I’ll have to wear it to an event.

Here’s the deal. I’m vain. I care about the way I look, and I cannot bring myself to pull a unisex crew neck t-shirt over my head.

Until it greets a pair of scissors.

First, I cut off the hem on each sleeve, following the seam.

Then, I cut around the neck, removing the ribbing, cutting a little lower that the seam.

I know this isn’t anything new, but, here’s the trick: those bands of T-shirt leftovers make for great baby head bands.

This one I embellished with a bit of scrap from the neck. Once tied in a bow, I secured it to the band with thread (be sure to connect the loops of the bow to the band too). I suppose you could affix it with hot glue, in fact I was planning to, but I couldn’t find my glue gun. On the second band I went with some of those extra buttons accumulating in my jewelry box.

Not like I ever use them. But in the case I do need to replace that button on the Banana Republic dress I donated to the goodwill last year. I know where the button is. On Ella’s head.

This way Ella gets some cute new accessories, and I can head off to work events feeling slightly cooler, looking like this

  1. Very stylish, Miss Mary – for both you and Ella!

  2. Mary Hernandez said:

    Awesome!! Recycle Reduce reuse to the MAX! 😉 ❤

  3. Mary Hernandez said:

    P.S. I bet you $50 your man’s shirts I actually would wear in my every day life, while what we get for work… not so much ;l 🙂

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