Carbs, Cheese, What’s a girl to do?

Quick breads are a friend and foe. Friend as they are made quickly, and foe, well, because I eat them almost as quickly as they bake up. A lone loaf of banana bread lasts about a day in this house. Sitting out on the counter, calling out to be eaten, I cave like a house of cards.

Hey, you, yeah you. Watch’cha doin? Come here baby, yeah, you look nice, why don’t you try some of this ah? C’mon. Just try me baby, ain’t no harm come of it. Oh, you’re waiting for dinner? I don’t see no dinner here? If dinner really cared about you he’d be here for you now, right? But where’s he at? Who’s here for you baby. Me, that’s who.

Knowing my track record with baked goods, I opted to share this week’s FFWD deliciousness with the ladies in my mommy group. I knew they could take some of gluttony, pressure away.  That was the plan anyhow. Strength in solidarity.

Sadly, the threat of snow, and sick cutie-pies kept most of the moms and tots at home, leaving me to stand up for myself against sly and the family carbload with a limited posse. I could tell they too were struggling with the laws of attraction. So wrong, yet so right. Wow, this is good. One said. Where’d you get the recipe, said another.

When play group ended only a dent was made. The plate, now covered in a quasi barrier of plastic wrap sat on the kitchen counter.

I’ll see you tomorrow, huh tootsie.

Be strong Crowe, I whispered to myself. But I knew I’d be slathering a slice with tomato jam on my way out the door to work the next morning.

  1. Looks delicious! Kudos for trying to get rid of the loaf to your playgroup mommies. At least they ate part of it!

  2. Cher said:

    Hey – you had good intentions of sharing… The lure of cheese and carbs is not to be resisted. There was really nothing else you could do!

  3. What a beautiful photo–the jam looks amazing!

  4. Teresa said:

    That bread is not worth trying to resist – it will wear you down! I’m impressed that you served it with tomato jam.

  5. Karen said:

    I had trouble staying strong with this one, too. I definitely ate more than my share!

  6. Elaine said:

    What a cute post. 🙂 Your bread looks so good and I love the idea of serving it with tomato jam!

  7. Trix said:

    I love carbs … carbs love my hips and behind. It just can’t be helped. ; )

  8. Allison said:

    What a great post! I love your dangerously flirtatious quick bread! I dare say it’s more delish than the bread I made!

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