A Pitch for Bath & Body Works

This week’s French Fridays with Dorie b.u.s.t.e.d. my grocery budget. Big Time. Mint.com sent me a little message to let me know.

First, the $30 price tag for 5 pounds caused an eyebrow to shoot for the sky. Then the cost of the wine and finally the port, well, it added up. This better be good. How could I not be skeptical about a dish that was pushing the price of my Thanksgiving turkey?

How wrong I was to second guess.

After a few minutes in the oven the alchemy of roasted vegetables, wine, and meat hit my senses like a mac truck. The smell!  Sweet lord, the smell. I would have gladly paid $60, to be wrapped up in the aroma as though it was a white terry cloth bathrobe.

The man, content on the sofa suddenly appeared in the kitchen. Like a wound up child on Christmas Eve he excitedly chatted away as I reduced the braising liquid. Oh wow, egg noodles? I love those. Man that smells so good. Is there anything I can do to help? Is there any more of that port? Do you want me to pour you a glass of wine? Dang that smells good.

Bath & Body Works, if you are listening, if you could come up with a 14.5oz filled candle in Wine Braised Short Ribs, I will be forever loyal. Think of the manipulation women across the world with meat loving partners could afflict. Bwhahahahahha. The Honey Do list would do itself. That, or you might find your mate passed out on the sofa in olfactory bliss.

While I do not condone meals without vegetables, a side of roasted broccoli seemed unfair. How could I expect anything green to compete with tender, falling-apart-with-every-bite meat.

  1. Cher said:

    Cute post! This was a budget breaking dinner, for sure. I feel grateful for scoring 3.99/ lb ribs – but add in the port & syrah. Ouch.
    Too funny about the candle. I will be looking for it in next fall’s lineup!

  2. Ronda said:

    Yes, the cost caused a bit of a stir here too. What a good idea to put them over egg noodles. Yours has such a nice rich color too!

  3. My husband says women should throw away expensive perfumes, put a steak on the grill and stand over it so the smell gets in their hair! I’m not kidding! Bath and Body should bottle it!

  4. Krissy said:

    Your post made me smile! Great job. Nice photos and so glad your hubby was excited about this meal…my men loved this meat too.

  5. Teresa said:

    That looks wonderful over egg noodles. The aroma drove us crazy, too, especially since I did the two-day process.

  6. Kristin said:

    Loved your post! Broke up my work day with a nice chuckle, and inspired me to bust my own grocery budget before the spring weather sets in!

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