Downtown Food Cartel: Tabor Restaurant

Recently, my office (all three of us) has been heading to the food carts for lunch each Tuesday and Wednesday. Now that I’m no longer preggos (too much walking) or on my diet (nothing I can eat), our longtime dream of starting a food cart blog inspired by my favorite Seattle lunch blog can finally come true! We’re just the happiest kids on the block.

While Food Carts Portland pretty much has a choke hold on the scene, reviewing carts and keeping up with all the cart news PDX sees fit to print, we’re only reviewing carts downtown, specifically two pods, 9th and Alder and SW 5th and Stark. We’re coming at it from a frenzied, overworked, underfed, only-have-30-minutes-to-get-in-and-out angle.

We rate on a scale of 1-5 in categories like taste, value, menu diversity, and a simple yes or no when it comes to burning or keeping Portland Weird.

Cart: Tabor Restaurant, Czech cuisine, SW 5th and Alder

Menu Diversity: 3 of 5, there are vegetarian and meat friendly sandwiches, but not much else.

Does it Keep Portland Weird? Yes. C’mon. Schnitzelwich?

Eater: Mary

What did’ch eat? Eggplant Sandwich $8, and a caramel cookie $1.

Taste: 4 of 5

Pretty solid sandwich. Great bread, a nice chewy ciabatta. Loved the condiments- creamy horseradish which I got in my nose eating as I walked back to work and it burned for the next hour! A red pepper paste added oomph, but the eggplant itself, breaded and fried, was a little boring. Disclaimer: I don’t especially love eggplant. The cookie was a classic butter sandwich cookie with a nice caramel filling. Crumbly. Got all over my desk, but trés delicious. Decided against licking my desk to get each last crumb.

Value:4 of 5

8 bones is a little pricy for a sandwich in my book. The cookie for a buck was awesome!

Does it Burn? Not really. The horseradish cream has a good kick to it, but shouldn’t do anyone any harm- seeing you keep it out of any open wounds, or, your nose.

Eater: Jeremy
Czech it out… this was not my first trip to the schnitzelwich cart! This is one of my TOP 5 carts and I will be back soon!

What did’ch eat? Chicken Schnitzelwich

Taste: 5 of 5

Divinity! This is a taste combination of breaded chicken, horseradish, roasted red peppers, romaine and ciabatta is not to be missed or easily forgotten!!! I do tend to slide a little of the romaine lettuce off but that’s just me.

Value: 5 of 5

Its a big’n, I never worry about a side dish when buying a schnitzelwich. If a schnitzelwich this size cost less than $7… I would worry about where the chicken came from.

Does it Burn? Meh, only if you’re a wuss!

Guest Tastebud: Andrea

What did’ch eat? A chicken Sandwich, SCHLOtzensomething??

Taste: 5 of 5

MMMMM, yummy, Chicken was breaded with a little peppery spice to it. Crisp lettuce, soft ciabatta, and a red pepper sauce that was super delish. the horseradish was just the right amount considering, it is not my favorite condiment, but it suited the sandwich well.

Value: 4 of 5

Why? $7 is a little much on a daily lunch budget. My opinion, the sandwich was huge, and I am not big on leftovers, it would be nice to have a smaller size available, or just share with a friend which according to my calculations, would be only $3.50 ea. now that is an affordable lunch.

Does it Burn? Ya but not to the point that I needed a firehouse in my purse. Just right in my opinion.

  1. So cool! I had no idea we had a Czech cart here! I would totally go for that eggplant salad, as an eggplant lover, but it does seem a little pricey. I’m so intrigued by that horseradish cream sauce. Bring on ze burn.

  2. Cher said:

    Schnitzelwich! Love it.

  3. If I ever get to Portland I’ll follow your recommends! Good luck with the new project. You’ve eased my stress with your idea of making a plate to photo later. Why didn’t I think of that? Don’t know why I didn’t but glad you did!

  4. Ronda said:

    I wish we had more of a food cart scene in Minneapolis. (Well you know, when we don’t have several inches of snow on the ground.) It is getting better, but nothing like you are talking about!

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