Sunday Evening Post(s)

Once again, I’m here at the end of my Sunday, geeking out on Google reader instead of cleaning/reading/video editing/working on that hemp tabbloueh post. C’est la vie.

Here, my friends, are my favs from the reader this week.




Thank’s to the man’s line of work, we’ve got a lot of show posters hanging round the house. Here’s how to display them without looking like a college student.

Proof that 4-H is hella cool.

Here’s how to wear a beaded collar in style.

How to make quick japanese pickles for plumping up your bento or for snacking

Lebanese Style Stuffed Squash, a delicious February dish.

Argan Oil, the new beauty juice?

1 comment
  1. marsha said:

    I have g’ma’s beaded collar, think I’ll dig it out and wear it!

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