In an effort to honor two of my new years resolution’s, I’ve been shlepping breakfast and lunch to work since Jan, 1. Rather than throw a lonely food storage container filled with last night’s leftovers and a too ripe banana in the bottom of my bag to marinate, I’ve been putting a little more effort into my meals a la Adventures in Bento Making.

I give you my bento.

Clockwise from the left: Swiss chard, red lentils, and tomato business, hemp seed, cashew and cocoa spread, mini pita bread, grape tomatoes, carrots, and a hemp tabbouleh- recipe up soon. When I manage to keep it flat in my bag, I’m rewarded with a very delightful lunch. Leftovers are so lovely when given the lunchbox version of a blow out.

Bento making is serious business! There are rice molds, mini cookie cutters in animal and geometric shapes, condiment containers, anti-bacterial food dividers (fake grass), and that is just the start. I’ve yet to invest in any fancy bento boxes or accessories except a stack of silicone baking cups to keep items separate and this super cute Martha Stewart Lunch Box deal thing I got at Macy’s for five bones.

There are a zillion, ok only 11,000+, bento blogs on the interwebs mostly devoted to charaben, cute, bento. One day I hope to be making Ella some charaben bento, but I have a feeling the man might die of embarrassment if he were to open his bento to find this.

  1. marsha said:

    Ella will love opening her lunch at school, so will all the other children!

  2. Linda W said:

    My fella (his parents are Japanese) loves the bento. We watched a weird cooking show in Japanese where people had to make the best bento for a $1. It was crazy and they always managed to make little characters like that!
    Good luck with your bento adventure!
    The Auspicious Life

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