Drinking at Noon on Monday, no big deal

Ella braces for 27 degree weather

When friends come to PDX I’m still struggling to find the right activities to wow them. My adoptive city is growing on me, but let’s be honest. It is a little intimidating when out of towners from Brooklyn say, “Show me around.”

Brooklyn is cool.

After four months of spit up, boogers, diapers, nursing bras, and sleep deprevation, I am not feeling very cool.

You wanna see where Ella’s peditrician is? or my local target? Want a tour of my grocery store, my bank? How about the taco place we grab dinner from when we’re too tired to cook? Sound like fun?

Um, no.

Getting the run down on all Clear Creek's bottlings.

Thankfully, Oregon is home to a bunch of folks who like to imbibe. Many of them go on to open award winning breweries, wineries, and distilleries. And some of them are moments from my home. That, my friends, rocks.

The tasting table.

Ah, Clear Creek Distillery. Thank you for providing an array of grappas, eaux da vie, fruit liquors and other delicious tipple to try, MID-DAY on a Monday in the city proper. Thank you for having a tasting room free of tasting fees, a lovely tasting room host, and being cool with a 4-month old surveying the scene while her adult chaperones develop a palate for fruit liquors made from local cranberries and pears.

Mat sips grappa

Erin falls hard for cranberry liqueur

I polish off the last of a berry liqueur.

  1. marsha said:

    We too will have a taste next time.

  2. Jennifer said:

    I love your blog, cracks me up cause I feel the same way. I go to bed at 10pm and one glass of wine gets me drunk. I am not cool anymore, ha. Glad you left me a comment cause I’m totally hooked on all your yummy looking food posts.

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