2011? Watch out.

The past couple of weeks has gone past too quickly for me to even wrap my head around christmasafterchristmasnewyearsevenewyearsday a slew of visitors and gifts, and a sick little bean. But the small moments of respite that have popped up here and there (generally the hour after ella has returned to bed after an early morning feeding, or the half hour after my head hits the pillow before passing out cold). I’ve been thinking of my life this time last year. I didn’t even know I was pregnant. I had some goals- get a handle on my finances. But that was it. Life was wide open.

How much can change in a year.

Here I am 365 days later, new town, new house, new baby, new job (well same job but a new location). Why I can’t tackle these things one at a time is beyond me. Go big or go home I guess.

The highlight of 2010, clearly, was Ella’s arrival.

This magical little person has stolen my heart and ran, ran, ran. I didn’t know it was possible to love someone so much. Ug, I am tearing up writing this. Can we blame that on hormones?

Looking ahead to 2011, my goals are a little more ambitious

  1. Take a baby signing class with Ella
  2. Take a sewing class once a month– or take on a sewing project once a month
  3. Read fiction!
  4. Renew my New Yorker subscription
  5. Finish decorating the nursery
  6. Successfully grow three vegetables this summer.
  7. Read one business book a month and actually implement ideas in my job
  8. Set up a tickler file (is anyone out there a GTD follower? Do you have a tickler file and do you use it?)
  9. Update Ella’s blog daily
  10. Post a photo a day
  11. Take three three day weekend trips in Oregon specifically the Aquarium at Newport, Bend and the high Desert, and the lower southeast corner of the state)
  12. Limit my discretionary spending to one item per paycheck
  13. Take my vitamins EVERYDAY.
  14. Be more creative with my wardrobe.
  15. Get back to an active lifestyle
  16. Learn to ride a bike (I know that sounds ridiculous, I know how to ride a bike, but really ride a bike- around town, fearlessly)
  17. Come up with a couple different business plans that could allow me to either bring in Ella’s college fund, or be home with the babe.
  18. Be more solution oriented when it comes to work challenges.
  19. Stay current on social media for work.

And then it comes to cooking

My cooking style is always evolving. I’m not embarrassed to admit I follow culinary trends. It’s fun. It’s fun to eat all the crazy stuff your friends won’t try. It is fun to grind up venison your brother-in-law shot and make homemade sausage. Canning is fun, tasting vinegars are fun, 10 course tasting dinners featuring salt are fun, dining at all the new restaurants is super fun and then you burn out.

My true culinary goal for 2011 is to cook food that taste great and is great for my family. To the vat of bacon fat in my fridge, it’s been great, but I think I need to move on. Weekly cookies, muffins, banana bread, I just don’t love you enough to work you off at the gym.

  1. Learn whole grains inside and out
  2. Cook one recipe per cookbook in my collection
  3. Renew culinary magazine subscriptions
  4. Organize my kitchen so it is truly efficient
  5. Cook with more natural sweeteners
  6. Modify my favorite recipes so they are whole food and low fat strong
  7. Make it through the E2 28 day challenge
  8. Quit eating when I’m bored
  9. Use all the food I buy, or, quit throwing away spoiled food and tubs of leftovers XX days old.
  10. Slay the sugar dragon

A few words for 2011. Watch out. I’m on a mission.

  1. marsha said:

    Ambition is a good thing!

  2. Yes, I think we should do a dark leafy Oregonian greens night! Thanks for stopping by my blog and now that I have found yours, I’m all excited going through your various posts. Your baby girl is precious! My parents were actually going to name me Ella but it means “Come here” in Greek so my dad decided against it so I wouldn’t get confused.

    Lots of great goals for 2011! Portland bloggers unite!

    • That would be super fun! I’m already thinking of dishes…. Thanks for the baby love, she is pretty stinking cute.

  3. Andrea Stafford said:

    Your are inspiring to me!

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