Leek and Potato Soup, not Potato and Leek Soup

This week’s recipe? leek and potato soup. Not potato and leek soup. It is right there in the title. Yet, every time I refered to the soup, potato edged out the leek for the win.

“Mom, it is the Potato Leek Soup,” I yelled into the phone over a crackly reception.

“Hold on, I’m looking in the index.”

“Uhhhhhhhh. MOM. It has a Post-it note on it, POTATO LEEK SOUP,” my patience for the supermarket and my cell phone running thin.

“Ok, lets see… Leek…and….potato soup.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, Can you just read me the ingredients.”

She read aloud, one by one. 3 leeks, 1 potato. I then rattled them off to my dad. “Hold up,” I whispered to him, fingers over the receiver. “Can you grab two potatoes?” My eyebrows raised and head tilted to the side, “just incase.”

But, my mother was right, once home from the super market I poured over the recipe again. There is was, in print. Three leeks, one potato.

Yes, this was leek and potato soup.

I don’t know how many times I’ve made potato leek soup. Relying on cream, butter, and two or three potatoes to one little leek for big creamy flavor and a consistency closer to a bean dip than a soup. I never loved it. It was ok. And when I saw Potato Leek Soup, Leek and Potato soup on this month’s recipe list, well, it didn’t get my blood pumping. I followed along, three leeks, sliced thin, one potato. Through the food mill it went, and back in the le creuset to come to temp.

After the boy put on the finishing touches; bacon, croutons and parmesan, we all dug in.  Bite after bite, I couldn’t put my finger on it. But something magical was going on here- shall we say a certain je ne sais qua: the delicate onion flavor, the silky light body, and whispers of thyme. So this is what the French know, I thought to myself.

Leeks finally made their place on the marquee.

  1. Elaine said:

    So funny – I actually kept referring to it as Potato Leek soup as well, only I did put a few more potatoes in mine. Those finishing touches sound perfect.

  2. I agree…this soup just has an amazing, subtle flavor! We did bacon and homemade croutons cooked in bacon fat w/parmesan on top too. Yummm! Merry Christmas.

  3. marsha said:

    It was so good. I may even make it.

  4. Lana said:

    He, he, That’s how I always called it. When I saw 1 potato, I was very skeptical. But it worked. I do love the subtle flavor of the leeks, and we liked the soup very much.
    Next time I am going to include the croutons.

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