Early Morning Caramels

My parents are in town and that means the man and I are sleeping on an air mattress in Ella’s room

which means I’m not getting any sleep,

which means I’m up too early

itchin’ to making caramels.

I need to get my holiday baking started.

Yes, I made jams and jellies this summer to give away, but it isn’t the holidays if I don’t give away caramels.

So pretty please everyone start waking up so I can get started.

  1. Allison said:

    Hmmm C’est très dangereux! It’s quite the bonus that when you can’t sleep you make caramels. That’s a side effect I could live with! 😉 They look fabulous!

  2. hehehe. Let’s just say there are some lucky eaters in this house.

  3. marsha said:

    My caramels…where?

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