Speculoos, Ganache, and it’s the Thought that Counts.

HEY LAAAAAAAAADY! Hows a bout you quit eating all the cookies so you have some to fill?

I pretty much tend to stick to two cookies when I bake, Jacque Torres’ chocolate chip and Cooks Illustrated’s crispy oatmeal (and yes, Jacque’s cookies require two days in the fridge, but at least you can nibble on that dough as you wait). Cookies that have to be rolled and cut and chilled and rolled and chilled take too much time to satisfy my need for instant cookie gratification. Yet cooking with a baby, this whole chill for three hour thing works. Ella gives me about an hour or so in the kitchen before she’s had enough. Just enough time to mix some dough and get it rolled out.

This time I thought ahead for mom’s group and baked these beauties over the weekend. And since no one brought ganache filled speculoos last time, the crazy lady in my head shut off for just a second. OK, I know you know that that is a total lie. She’s pretty much always on.

On their own the cookies were pleasant- spicy and crisp, but a little dull to look at. What are those? Necco Wafers? So as per Dorie’s* suggestion I decided to fill them with chocolate ganache (page 467) which came together beautifully. At first I was worried that the chocolate would over power the cinnamon. Really, these just tasted like mexican sipping chocolate in cookie form.

I let the ganache chill overnight- as per Ella’s demands, and filled the cookies the next morning, judiciously testing as I went. One for me, one for you. Two for me, one for you. One giant scoop of ganache for me, I will never fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans again. So it goes.

Looking back theses would make wonderful gifts for the holidays. If I could stop eating them. Merry christmas folks. To save you from consuming extra calories at the holidays I ate your christmas gift! You can thank me later.

* I’m a member of French Fridays with Dorie, a super fun cooking group taking on Dorie Greenspan’s, Around My French Table. Each month we select four recipes and write about our efforts. Join the fun, or keep up with the whole lot of us!

  1. So funny! I totally know where you are coming from! Blogging is so hazardous to my waistline also!

    • Isn’t it?!? Thankfully I have someone who doesn’t let me finish my meals to keep me from over indulging. Food blogging should come with a mandatory gym membership clause.

  2. I love Jacque’s cookies too. I’m not a baker but the addition of ganache as shown here severely tempts me to reconsider!

    • Yes, you should. For a roll and chill cookie these were pretty painless. They are no Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookie, but tasty none the less. And the ganache is delicious to eat on it’s own! I liked that spoon five or six times before finally getting the photo I wanted.

  3. Allison said:

    mmm you got me with the mexican sipping chocolate…I might have to make some ganache too!

    • Do it! But only make a half batch, OR don’t eat half the speculoos before you fill them.

  4. Tabitha said:

    I, too, adore the crispy oatmeal cookies from CI! Your speculoos turned out great and I enjoyed reading your funny blog post 🙂 (a fellow FFWD participant)

    • Yay! Aren’t those crispy oatmeal the best? I sprinkle mine with large flake sea salt to make them extra addictive!

  5. Thank you for eating my christmas calories for me, I appreciate it. I am now going to have to make these with chocolate ganache and gingerbread butter…oh my! I love your first photo, it tells the whole story!

    • Happy to help out where I can! Yes, I saw that post with the gingerbread butter. Mmmm. Imagine the two together, gingerbread ganache. Yum!

  6. jayne said:

    Loved your post! I remember when my kids were babies and my baking schedule revolved around their wants/needs/demands/just-plain-ornery-moods. The ganache looks great, and how thoughtful of you to sacrifice your waistline so others don’t have to!

    • Yes Jayne, I have made it my personal cause to take extra calories when others can’t. It is a tough job, one that I will struggle to do justice, but with the support of my friends and family, I am willing to give it an earnest go. Wink*

  7. Cher said:

    Hey – we all need to channel that inner crazy lady. That’s what makes us genius in the kitchen. Great idea with the ganache. There is just something about spices and chocolate. MMMMM

    • Thanks Cher, yes, the crazy lady is always around isn’t she? The ganache is too good!

  8. Gloria said:

    Your cookies look great and that chocolate ganache filling looks even better! I made these cookies last week and loved the spice combination. I agree, they aren’t much to look at so I dipped some of mine in chocolate.

    I will have to try out the Jacque recipe for chocolate cookies. I’m on the quest for “the one”.

  9. Elaine said:

    What a cute post! I loved them with the nutella, but I am going to try ganache when I make them this weekend. They look so good!

  10. those choc chip cookies you mention are my favorites! it is hard to look at a bowl full of cookie dough every time i open the refrigerator, however. i recently tried the whole wheat choc chip cookies from “good to the grain” and think a melding of the two recipes would be a worthwhile experiment.

    how nice of you to consume the calories for your loved ones! such a thoughtful gift 🙂

  11. Tricia said:

    This was hysterical. Thanks for sharing the great info and the laughs. Love the idea of chocolate involved with the Speculoos and just thanking god I didn’t have any on hand. My pre-pregnancy size was 17 years ago but I still go above and then below….esp when cookies are involved. Great photos too – loved the sink 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes! You have to try the speculoos with chocolate. Even if you don’t make the ganache, try nutella. A bunch of FFWD used it and loved it!

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