Sorry for the radio silence! I took a little vacation to NYC to visit my dearest friend E! It is my second time out to NYC this year, sounds flashy, I know, but before my last trip, I hadn’t set foot in the big apple in, two-three? years? Too long.

Packing a lunch for the flight out I really wanted some protein. “You aren’t putting that in your lunch, are you?” Matthew asked me as I skilfully arranged a gorgeous citrus glazed piece of salmon into my bento. “You are going to stink up the whole plane!”

And stink it up I did.

When packing lunch for the plane make judicious use of your grocer’s deli case. A little variety in a 6″x6″ square box speeds up a long flight, and I promise it will cost less, and be more gentle on your body than anything you’ll find in terminal A, B, C or D.




No, that isn’t a typo. I didn’t mean to spell Bi Bim Bap, the popular and colorful veggie and rice bowl iconic to South Korea. But don’t feel bad for thinking so. This blog is full of style spelling and typo mistakes. I like to think if my writing isn’t amusing to you, at least you’ll get a good chuckle from my ipad’s autocorrect.

Ah, I digress. Bi Bim Bap was my foray into Korean food. A vegetarian living in Seoul, cooked vegetables over rice became a fast friend those first couple years.


Today’s bento is a play on Bi Bim Bap, featuring a finely chopped kale with lemon tahini dressing (from Whole Foods Market), pinto beans cooked with miso and fish sauce, and creamy avocado. Oh, and a wee bit of salsa. Let me say this about finely chopping the kale, this makes it much, much easier to mix up with the rice and beans. Give it a try.

Photos of our past week will appear later today, I promise, but I wanted to kick you off to a sweet start today. Warning: I can not be held accountable for any mad rushes to the pantry or vendingĀ machineĀ for a sweet snack caused by viewing the following photos.

Last week the Whole Foods Market Portland metro held a first ever combined Team Member appreciation party. It was pretty awesome to see over 1000 Team Members and their families milling about. Each store’s bakery team crafted a cake, to represent each store in the metro. We left before getting a slice, but man, did they look tasty.

Loving the talent and creativity of my coworkers.

Happy Monday!

Well, first, I guess I should ask if you like coconut. Coconut is so polarizing. Why is that? And if you don’t like it, why? Why so much hate?

I’ve posted before about my love of Hail Merry Raw & Vegan (AND DELICIOUS) macaroons. We sell a second product, Merry’s Miracle Meyer Lemon Tarts. Their siren song had never lured me in, not even at my weakest need for a sugar fix. I’m not a lemon bar or even lemon dessert person.

But you know what lure me in? Our yellow sales tags. I’m a sucker for most things on sale. This has its pros and cons. Clearly.

So, logically, as they are on sale this month I bought one (now 5).


they don’t suck.

The crust is almond meal, coconut oil, and coconut flakes. And the center, the creamy tart center. I almost don’t even want to know how it is done, because I don’t want to ruin the magic.

Their suggestive serving is 3, mine is one.


*Hey since I’m referencing my work, Whole Foods Market, let me remind you that these views are mine, not necessarily those of the company.